Video 3


In this video you are about to view a claimant who claims to have injured his back and right leg while working. The claimant alleged he suffer from sever pains in his back and right leg. As a result of his injuries, he was unable to work and was collecting workers' compensation. Well, that's until we were able to obtain this video of the claimant working construction. Sadly for the claimant, this video was taken just minutes after he attended an independent medical examination (IME). The claimant attended his IME while utilizing a cane and was limping heavily in and out of the doctor's office. Unfortunately for the claimant, we were there to document all of his activities. We conducted surveillance for 5 days on the claimant and each day the claimant was working construction at different locations. We were able to save our client thousands of dollars in payments and medical bills.


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